It’s been a long ass time…

Hey guys,

Zainab here.


It’s been two years, and a lot has happened in my personal life (some bad, some good!). No Nazar has been a project I’ve consistently thought about for the last two years since its initial launch, and has never left my mind. I still strongly believe that this could be something great, and I’ve finally come back to it with a renewed energy and commitment. I didn’t want to just come back only to disappear again, if I came back to NN it was to stay committed.


I’m moving away from the interview style format that I did in the first 7 episodes and will be doing a more loose, fun, informative round table style discussion on various topics that affect the lives of Muslim + Diasporic peoples all recorded live in Toronto. Each episode will come out monthly, if you have ANY feedback at all don’t hesitate to reach out!


Can’t wait to be back~



What does ‘No Nazar’ mean, anyway?

Nazar roughly translated means ‘gaze’ or to ‘look’ in hindi/urdu.

Colloquially, it can also mean ‘evil eye’.  Here’s an example of how it might be used in a conversation:


Anita: “Wow, Aisha- your new tattoo looks amazing!”

Aisha: “Omg, Anita! You can’t compliment me without saying No Nazar!”

Anita: “You are SO right! No Nazar, Aisha!”


And that’s the essence of what we here at NN want for you guys. To gas you, make you believe in your wave, and celebrate your you-ness with no evil eye, no bad vibes, and definitely no nazar.