Hey guys!

Hope my Canadian and American pals had a great long weekend- apologies of course to the UK. But we’re back!

This weeks episode centres around R1 Dead, a Grime artist from North London and one of few Asian voices in the Grime scene.

We talk about his influences, what it means to be British Asian and the history of Grime.

You can find his work/follow him at….




And you can catch R1 and his crew  on Don City Radio Tuesdays at 9-11 pm (UK time) or catchup here: mixcloud.com/doncityfm-london/

A playlist of the songs played on this week episode can be found on our official Soundcloud page! www.soundcloud.com/nonazar

Our theme song was created by the lovely Stephanie Siow (www.twitter.com/stephanie_siow)

And you can find me online at www.twitter.com/thenonazarshow and email me at thenonazarshow@gmail.com 

Alternatively you can also like the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/nonazarshow

Hashtag anything about the show with #NoNazarShow so I can find you!



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