Hey guys!

This weeks episode I sit down with Sukainah and Sayeeda of Elchi Chai Shop Toronto. We talk about starting a business, delve into some family history and traditions and talk about our love of chai.

I really loved recording this episode, and I also included some listener feedback as well. I’m always open to hearing suggestions and critical feedback- you can reach me any time at http://www.nonazar.com/contact/

You can find Elchi Chai Shop at….




Our theme song was created by the lovely Stephanie Siow (www.twitter.com/stephanie_siow)

And you can find me online at www.twitter.com/thenonazarshow and email me at thenonazarshow@gmail.com 

Alternatively you can also like the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nonazarshow/

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One thought on “Ep 3 “Chai Walli”

  1. very interesting interview with the Elchi Chai Shop gals and very well presented. Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation! Keep up the good work:)


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