Hey guys!

Thank you for listening to the first episode of No Nazar!
Each episode comes out Monday, 12 am (GST) (feel free to send me angry emails if I’m ever late :0)

Todays episode focuses on that all-engrossing topic: desi weddings. I talk to Syjil Ashraf beyond the red and gold dresses, doodh pelai, pomp and celebration and what truly lays beneath the gilt veneer of the shaadi industry.

You can find Syjil online at:

You can find her work at: www.thetempest.co

Our theme song was created by the lovely Stephanie Siow (www.twitter.com/stephanie_siow)

And you can find me online at www.twitter.com/thenonazarshow and email me at thenonazarshow@gmail.com

And our website is…hey….if you’re reading this you’re already on here. Go you :o)

Let me know of what you thought of this episode!



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